AI Film Fest Amsterdam 2024

AI Film Fest Amsterdam celebrates the new era of AI filmmaking, with screenings, expert workshops and panel discussions. Explore the movement empowering artists and redefining what’s possible.


20-22 June 2024
EYE Filmmuseum
Dead End Gallery



Tickets Main event


Pre-Screening Event

Thursday 20 June

@Dead End Gallery

12:00 AI shorts selection
12:45 Demo LTX-Studio 
13:30 AI shorts selection

14:45 Two movies by Shy Kids (Sora)
15:00 Interview with Shy Kids 
15:30 AI shorts selection

16:00 Innerversum by
16:10 Interview/Talk
16:30 AI shorts selection
17:00 Demo LTX-Studio 
17:30 AI shorts selection
18:00 Networking & drinks

Main Event

Friday 21 June

@Eye Filmmuseum

What will you get?

Free generative AI subscriptions & expert masterclasses worth over €300 with main event each ticket!

What are the venues?

20th @ Dead End Gallery
21st Main Event @ EYE Filmmuseum
22nd @ Dead End Gallery

Who will you meet?

Meet the visionaries, executives, artists and filmmakers shaping the future of generative AI.


See the AI Film Fest website:

Tickets Main event

Post-Screening Event

Saturday 22 June

@Dead End Gallery

12:00 - 18:00 Some films of the official selection and shorts screening. List of movies to be announced.

LTX-Studio demo booth.

17:00 Jess Mac
17:30 Q&A Jess Mac